Computers have always come naturally to me. I showed an interest in them at a very early age, and it just kept growing from there. Eventually I completed a 2 year IT diploma at Vancouver Island University (Malaspina College/University), after which I completed my A+ certification. Having my A+ and IT diploma helped me work as a Technical Support Representative for several different companies spanning 6 years, and Computer Sales and Repair for another 4 years. Just a couple of years ago I was approached about building a website, something I had some experience in, but had never done professionally. Now, I maintain and develop a website for the company ElectroFur Creations, a successful online clothing and accessory store specializing in glowing fun fur.

The last 10 years have taught me a lot about being a liaison between people and technology. My background in customer service has given me the skills to help people understand their computers and other devices a lot better than they did before. Not only will I fix your computer for you, but I will teach you how to keep it from going wrong in the future.